Off to India

I left Southeast Asia earlier than I had planned. I hesitated booking a scuba diving trip to the island of Sipadan (supposedly one of the best places to dive on earth) and then the flights to get to and from dramatically increased. And if I want the fancy-pants apartment overlooking Touchdown Jesus next year, sacrifices have to be made somewhere. So anyway, I was off to India.

I had talked to several people who had been to India and done some research about it, so I thought I was prepared for the poverty and general grunginess factor. Afterall, I have been to Eastern Africa and some pretty poor countries in Southeast Asia… I wasn’t at all prepared; India is on a whole other level.

I knew that I was going to get sick in India, I have the weakest immune system and stomach out of anyone I know, so it wasn’t a matter of if I get sick, but when and how many times… Well, a mere 12 hours into the country and I was room-bound. And seven days later, unfortunately I haven’t been able to venture very far yet…

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