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I’m currently a civil engineer who loves to travel and has figured out a way to make that happen on a longer-term basis (current trip will only be about six months though).

The most common question I get is “why are you doing this?”   I travel because unlike anything else I have tried, traveling truly expands my mind and pushes my limits.   And in the fall I will be headed back to school, so a second “short” break to travel seemed like a natural fit.  So no, Mom, I don’t travel just to give you more gray hair…

How can you afford this?  I am able to travel because of my general stinginess in everyday life and the love of a challenge of “beating the system” and getting good deals.  This second trip is made possible in part because of the generous fellowship I was offered for grad school (free money = more travel!) and because I am able to telecommute from whatever part of the world I want and continue working.

If you need/want to get a hold of me, I can be reached by:

my regular gmail


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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Ann Inman

    I certainly hope you don’t stay in any more places like you did in New Delhi.

  2. i found you from an article on buzzf feed. This is such a beautiful thing to do, traveling and fulfilling dreams. I wish i was like u 🙂

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