Around-the-World Part II

So once again, I’m taking off on an extended adventure.  Already having done this before provides a good base line for planning, preparations, etc., even though so many things are different this time around.  For one, I have a definitive plan for when I come home.  Going back to school for my MBA provides a distinct direction for my life that I had been missing for a long time.  Secondly, this time around I am headed out on my own.  A few friends are planning on meeting up with me at various points on my trip, but on whole, I’m venturing it alone.  Most people think that is crazy, but you meet a lot more people this way, which I’m hoping will enhance the whole travel experience.   And thirdly, I am going to be working while on the road.  Though it won’t be a typical 40-hour workweek, nor will the paycheck come close to that, it will definitely be an experience working on construction drawings from an internet café in New Delhi (a whole new take on outsourcing to India…).

I look forward to both hearing from everyone on the road (and please do write because it will get lonely!) and sharing updates and pictures via this website with anyone interested enough to log on.   I’m attempting to make my website “more user friendly”, so any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

See Ya!!

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3 thoughts on “Around-the-World Part II

  1. Dave

    Good luck Jill and have fun on your 2nd once in a lifetime adventure.
    Also i would like to see a photo of you riding around in one of these

    • Dave


  2. erin

    I meant to call you before you left…you know…wish you a good time and all…but I forgot until wednesday morning. i’m missing our fun times already, buddy! I think it’s safe to say you’ll miss me, too.

    and this trip, can you finally steal me something? i know you always say “no,” but one of these times you’re gonna say yes. and remember, it’s not about what you steal, but the story on how you got it. but don’t do anything too illegal. I’m talking about a stash of straws or something you hoard from unsuspecting internet cafes across asia.

    have a great trip and come back safely

    btw, umich bb beat state 3rd straight time tues. not sure if you caught that before you left. next meeting is early feb. i’ll keep you posted.

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